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Customer Services

We at Kultoys believe in not only good customer service but "Real Customer Service". Please choose from below or for any more information contact us.



Credit & Return Policy


Damaged / Short Deliveries

  • For short deliveries you will need to inform us within 2 DAYS time after receipt of your goods.
  • For damaged stock you will need to inform us within 4 DAYS time after receipt of your goods.
  • We will not be issuing credit note or replacement for short deliveries where we are provided POD by the freight company with the name and signature of the receiver.
  • For short deliveries, we will issue credit note or replacement after investigating and checking picking/shipping documents from our end.

Incorrect items delivered

  • We will issue a credit note or replacement should we ship you incorrect items
  • The product is different from what we have advertised
  • The amount you have received is more than what you have ordered
  • We will bear the cost of return freight for any of the above situations
  • All incorrect item returned MUST be in the original packing and undamaged.

Faulty Items

  • All our products come with a genuine 3 Months warranty.
  • The warranty period starts form your sale date.
  • All faulty products returned by the consumer should include a receipt / Tax Invoice.
  • We will not accept any liability for products returned to you after 3 months of your sale date.
  • You will need to provide a copy of your receipt for any faulty product claims.

How to arrange a credit

  • All claims and disputes MUST be advised within the time frame as stated above. No credit / Replacement will be given after this period.
  • You will need to fax or e-mail to us a credit request form with the following information
    1. Original Invoice number
    2. Item number of product to be credited
    3. Item Description
    4. Number of units to be credited
    5. Detailed reason for the return
  • We will than call you back to arrange the return of the goods
  • The shipment will be picked up by one of our freight carriers.
  • You will need to arrange the faulty goods for transportation with the correct shipping labels and advise us the following:
    1. Total number of cartons
    2. Total weight of the cartons
    3. Total measurement of the cartons
    4. The return pick up address
  • One of our sales staff will check and investigate your returns. We will send you a credit note once your returns had been assessed.
  • Failure to fully complete the credit request form as above will delay processing returns.
  • We will not accept any credit or returns request under any circumstances unless all of the above conditions are met.



How to Order

  • Please note that we only supply to traders / re-sellers only.
  • Before you can place an order online with Kultoys , you will need to register first.
  • To register, simply send us your business details by completing the NewCustomer Form. (This is where you put the link.)
  • Once your application is approved, a login password will be emailed to you, which should happen within 24 hrs.
  • You will then be able to see the pricing and place your orders.
  • Please note that the pricing does NOT include your discount as per previous arrangement.
  • All orders must be a minimum value of $1000, or a $30 service/handling fee will apply.
  • Goods that are sold at special pricing, including close outs, discontinued lines are not refundable unless faulty.
  • At Kultoys we do NOT ship free into store. All shipping will attract freight charge which will be added on to your invoice.
  • We are more than happy to use your freight carrier if you think your freight cost will be less. You will need to inform us your carrier name, phone and account number.
  • Kultoys uses a number of National carriers. We will pick the most suitable and competitive freighter depending on your order size and your geographical location where the goods are to be delivered.
  • In the event that any of our item is sold as an assortment of styles or colors, the item will be supplied at our discretion.



Our Pricing Policy

  • PRICE IS PER ITEM (not per carton or per display, unless otherwise indicated).
  • CTN QUANTITY simply indicates the number of pieces in a box or a carton. E.g. 12 Pcs/Ctn means there are 24 units in one carton. Therefore, the price will be 24 x the indicated price.
  • All our prices are EXCLUSIVE of GST
  • Freight cost will be added to the goods when the order is ready for dispatched. We will NOT know what the freight cost is until the order is packed, weighed and measured.
  • All orders must be a minimum value of $1000, or a $30 service/handling fee will apply.
  • Goods that are sold at special pricing, including close outs, discontinued lines are not refundable unless faulty.



Payment Method

  • We accept credit card (Visa & Mastercard only) and EFT payments.
  • We do NOT accept Amex or Diners cards.
  • All credit card payments will incur a merchant fee of 1%.
  • If paying via EFT, please fax or e-mail through remittance advice as proof of payment along with the appropriate invoice numbers.



Shipping Conditions

  • All new customers will be on Pro-Forma invoice.
  • Pro-Forma invoices are due immediately and must be paid in full prior to shipment. Goods will NOT be dispatched unless full payment has been received.
  • All Pro-Forma invoices MUST be paid within 3 days time after receiving Tax Invoice.
  • Pro-Forma orders will be cancelled if payment has not been received within 3 days after receiving Tax Invoice.
  • Freight cost will be added after goods are packed, weighed and measured.
  • Unless otherwise notified by the customer, all deliveries will be dispatched through the carrier of our choice. These charges will be added to the total of the invoice.
  • The cheapest freight per unit is by pallet. If your order is not enough for a pallet but you have quite a few cartons, there maybe times where the freight cost will be cheaper to ship your order LPL, (less pallet load) rather than shipping cartons.
  • If your order is not quite a full pallet size but very close, then one of our sales team member will contact you to maximize the pallet size with additional cartons to save on the shipping cost.
  • You will need to inform us within 2 days and 4 days of, short delivery and damaged items respectively.   
  • Kultoys will NOT take any responsibility for missing or damaged stock during transportation after the above times are lapsed.



Account Holders

  • We will open trading accounts at the discretion of the management only.
  • All new account requests MUST be accompanied by a “Commercial Credit Application” form. You can download the form HERE. ( buraya link I koyucan for credit application form )
  • All parts of the credit application form MUST be completed. Credit application forms that are not completed fully will not be processed.
  • The original of the credit application form MUST be posted. Faxed or e-mailed copies are not accepted.
  • Each account will be given a limited credit amount.
  • The amount of credit given can not exceed your credit limit.
  • Should you need to exceed your credit limit, a request to increase your credit limit or a payment on your account is needed.
  • All our invoices are due end of the month
  • You will be issued with a statement on 21st of every month.
  • We reserve the right to stop supply should your account be in arrears.






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